Parents & Citizens Association

P&C Committee:

The education of your son/daughter, and the improvement of conditions within the school are greatly assisted by the effort of the P&C Association. Your support will guarantee continued improvement.

The P&C is represented on a number of school committees such as Uniform Committee, Finance Committee.

The P&C operates the school canteen where there is always a shortage of helpers. If you can help at the canteen please ring 6025 1688 and ask for Merelda Crocker.


P&C News


We have had a great response to our call for volunteers and greatly appreciate the time that our volunteers can give in order to help Merelda. A copy of the volunteer roster will soon be available to all, which will enable existing volunteers to check their dates and also give new and existing volunteers the opportunity to help out on days which are vacant. Volunteer enquiries can be made to Merelda on 6025 1688 or 0413 272 002.

The Canteen Menu can be downloaded here by clicking on the link:  Menu


A reminder that the Uniform Shop in the Canteen is available to all who are looking for second hand school uniforms, and is open during normal canteen hours. At present we especially need winter jumpers, so donations of second hand jumpers, and uniforms in general, would be greatfully received at the canteen.

Fundraising Committee

If you are interested in fundraising and involving our school community in raising money as well as having fun, we would like to hear from you. Last year our group hosted the Trivia Night and Silent Auction which was enjoyed by all who attended, and we also held a wine drive. The money we raise from fundraising activities, as well as the canteen, goes back into the school by providing tangible items and equipment as well as monetary support for school projects.

If you are interested in being part of the fundraising committee please contact Kyle Miller 0401 359 052.

Caroline Boase,