Executive Staff

Principal: Mr D Johnson (Relieving)
Deputy Principal: Ms K Sedunary (Relieving)
Deputy Principal: Mrs J Lieschke (Relieving)

Head Teachers & Teaching Staff

English/History Faculty:

Ms K Dixon (Head Teacher)
Ms M Williams (Head Teacher Professional Learning)
Mrs J Alvey (Head Teacher Teaching & Learning)
Mrs A Vigar (Head Teacher Professional Practice)
Mr A Donnelly (Year 9 Year Adviser)
Ms A Baldock
Ms M O’Rance
Ms K Rowan
Mr P Devaney
Mr M Demarzo
Mr T Heron

Mathematics Faculty:

Mr C Roder (Head Teacher)
Ms J Cryer
Ms L Dodd
Mr J Langkamp
Mr A Morrow
Mr D Robinson
Ms G McConville

Science Faculty:

Ms C Chen
Mr B Finn
Mr D Gillard
Ms H Knight
Ms A McIntyre
Mr E Smallwood
Ms E Soall  (Year 10 Year Adviser)
Ms Nicole Julien 

Social Science/Languages Faculty:

Mrs A Papasavvas (Relieving Head Teacher)
Ms J Cohen
Ms M Robinson
Mrs K Stein
Ms T Baines

PDHPE Faculty:

Ms C Furze (Head Teacher)
Ms R Dein
Ms K Dibben
Mr M Mills (Year 8 Year Adviser)
Ms A Skipworth
Ms D Snow

CAPA Faculty:

Ms K Joss (Head Teacher)
Mr S Apps (Year 12 Year Adviser)
Ms A Gifford
Mr Y Ito
Mr A Papasavvas
Ms C Holloway

TAS Faculty:

Mr R Duffy (Head Teacher)
Mr R Davidson (Year 11 Year Adviser)
Mr B Dean
Mr N Eckley
Mr R Kirkwood (Boys Adviser)
Ms J Saunders
Mr C Smith

Special Education:

Mrs E McGrath (Head Teacher)
Ms S Callaghan
Ms M Coid 
Ms J Webster
Mr R Williams
Mr W Baker

Learning & Support Faculty:
Ms Di Snow (Head Teacher)
Ms A Elder (EALD)
Ms K Kane (Library)
Mr A Culligan (LaST)
Ms V Newman (EALD)
Ms K Howe (EALD)

Academy of Inquiry:
Ms A Gilbert (Girls Adviser)
Mr A Wilson 

Specialist Staff

Student Advisers

Out of Home Support – Ms J Brew
School Counsellor – Ms M Northey
School Counsellor – Ms E Bradley
Librarian – Mrs K Kane
Student Support Officer – Ms A Hahn
Educational Consultant – Ms D Wardle
Careers Advisor – Mr H Taylor

Year 7 – Mr A Papasavvas (Located in CAPA)
Year 8 – Mr M Mills (Located in PDHPE)
Year 9 – Mr A Donnelly (Located in English/History)
Year 10 – Ms E Soall (Located in Science)
Year 11 – Mr R Davidon (Located in TAS)
Year 12 – Mr S Apps (Located in CAPA)

Boys Adviser – Mr R Kirkwood (Located in TAS)
Girls Adviser – Ms A Gilbert (Located in CAPA)