• The front office is open from 8am – 3.45pm each day to take calls and greet visitors.
  • The school pedestrian gates at Glenly Street are open from 7.30am – 3.45pm. Parents are not permitted to enter the staff car parks to drop students off before or after school.

Contacting the School

There are two methods of contacting staff at JFHS: phone and email.  If you would like to contact staff regarding issues or to gain information, please follow the guidance below:

  • School issues and Curriculum – please contact the Principal or Senior Executive.
  • General Information e.g. excursion return times, etc. – please contact the front office.
  • Student Wellbeing – Please contact the student’s Year Advisor.

Staff can be contacted via email if they give you their email address. If you are unsure, emails can be sent to the school email address and will be forwarded to the relevant staff members.

Please note that the school has three phone lines that staff may ring from. The front office staff do not always know who has contacted you.  If returning a call, staff will endeavour to return calls the same day.