All families are strongly encouraged to pay their school fees as soon as possible. Fees vary according to what year a student is in and their choice of elective subjects.

  • The General Fee is a contribution which helps provide attractive school reports, certificates acknowledging student achievement, paper for duplicated lesson materials, sporting equipment, welfare booklets and the school magazine.
  • We need parental support to provide students and families with the high standard of education to which they have become accustomed and which is expected at James Fallon High School.
  • Subject Fees cover the materials used in elective subjects. These materials are used to produce products which are either consumed or retained by students.
  • Students are strongly advised to consider these costs when making their elective subject choices.
  • Refer below for fee details.
  • Credit Card & EFTPOS facilities are available for the payment of fees and purchase of uniform items.
  • Where there are financial difficulties, parents are encouraged to see the School Principal to make suitable arrangements.

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School and Subject Fees

School fees are available to be downloaded here. Subject Fees

* Due to the fluctuating price of consumables, this amount is subject to change