PDHPE Faculty

  • All students in years 7-10 study PDHE. Students participate in one double lesson (approx 80mins) and one single lesson (approx 40mins) of PDHPE per week.
  • Double lessons are usually of a practical nature whilst the single lessons are of a theory nature.
  • Year 7-10 programs focus on an integration of the 4 main stands of the syllabus – Self and Relationships; Movement Skill and Performance; Individual and Community Health; Lifelong Physical Activity. The programs are delivered through a variety of teaching and learning strategies that are innovative and creative. More specific information relating to these strands can be found at the Board of Studies Website – click on the following link – Board of Studies
  • Elective PE is available in Year 8. Its focus is on performing in a range of contexts including: circus skills, fitness and games. See information here: ELECTIVE PDHPE
  • Physical Activity and Sports Studies is a year 9 and 10 elective subject that focuses on coaching and accreditation.

In the senior school (Years 11 and 12) students can elect to study 2 unit PDHPE. This is a very demanding academic subject, which investigates a range of topics related to health and physical activity. Students can use this as a pathway to further study post school if they so wish.

All Year 11 students are required to study a mandatory PDHPE 25 hour course titled “Crossroads”. At James Fallon High School we deliver this course via a 3-day camp held at the Hume Weir Resort. An information sheet can be downloaded: Crossroads Information

Stage 4&5 PDHPE & 6 PDHPE information can be accessed.

A range of other extra curricular activities are held within the faculty during the year. These may include students assisting at primary school sporting carnivals, orienteering activities, Nail Can Hill hikes, visits to gymnasiums, overnight excursions, Red Cross first aid accreditation, Life Saving Awards.

The requirements for PDHPE are:

For practical lessons – yellow polo shirt, navy sports shorts with maroon and white trim (available from the school office) and runners.
For theory lessons – a 96 page A4 book and writing utensils.

PDHPE Uniform Policy:

Parents and students are reminded that for all practical PE classes the following uniform policy exists:

  • Bring and change into the correct uniform for all practical PDHPE lessons. The uniform being yellow shirt, JFHS blue sports shorts for summer and PLAIN blue track pants in winter, sports shoes.
  • All students are to bring a drink bottle, hat and if required; asthma puffer and epipen to every lesson.