Lowes have informed us that they should receive the new jackets in store by the 17th July 2018.


From Mr McGarvie – Deputy Principal Curriculum:  Most of our Year 10 students will need to sit NESA tests to meet the minimum literacy and numeracy standards for the award of the HSC in 2020. This is a NSW-wide requirement. Year 10 students were briefed on this today and given a handout with the details of each test. The reading, writing and numeracy tests last 45 minutes each and will be held during class time on Monday (Numeracy), Tuesday (Writing), and Wednesday (Reading) next week. Catch-up tests will take place on Thursday , 23rd August. Students will be provided with a lap top and a personalised PIN to access the test. Those current Year 10 students who have met the minimum standard already in one or more of reading, writing and numeracy (through their achievement results of a Band 8 and above in NAPLAN in 2017), will not sit the relevant test(s). For all other current JFHS Year 10 students, the tests next week will be the first of six opportunities to meet the standard in each of these domains before the end of the 2020 HSC. All of our students will be fully supported in their endeavours next week and into the future. If parents or carers have questions about the process, please contact Mr McGarvie at the school on 02 6025 1688.

Dates to Remember:

17th September – 21st September: Year 11 final examinations in the Hall.




JFHS presents ‘The Addams Family’ – A New Musical Comedy.

16 August and 17 August at The Cube Wodonga.

In the Addams Family, America’s darkest family comes to life in this original musical about love, family, honesty and growing up.

Starring all your old favourites – Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandma and Lurch (and some new favourites too!)

Tickets on Sale through The Cube’s website NOW.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data – School Students with Disability.

Term Dates 2018

Term 1 – Tuesday 30th January to Friday 13th April – 30th January for Years: 7,9,11 / 31st January for Years: 8,10,12.  

Term 2 – Tuesday 1st May to Friday 6th July

Term 3 – Tuesday 24th July to Friday 28th September

Term 4 – Monday 15th October to Wednesday 19th December

Easter Break: Good Friday –  30th March, Easter Monday –  2nd April 2018


SMS Messaging

JFHS will be using an SMS and email service to notify you of absences. A message/email will be sent out in relation to unexplained late arrivals and whole day absences mid morning to remind parents/carers to supply an explanation for the absence.  This can be done via note, school app or a phone call.

Student cards for updated family details were distributed for amendments last semester.  If there are any incorrect numbers or email addresses, please notify the front office as soon as possible.

If there are problems with the information you receive using this system, please contact the school. If there are any issues with our roll marking system, this communication practice will bring them into the open so we can rectify them.

Monitoring and encouraging school attendance is a legal responsibility of both the family and the school.  Thank you for the work we do together to ensure that our students be at school in order to learn.