Positive Behaviour for Learning

PBL Team

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is an evidence-based whole school process to improve learning outcomes for all students. At James Fallon High School, our core values are based upon Respect, Responsibility and Achievement. The PBL team utilises data, systems and practices in order to address the diverse academic and social needs of our students. We provide PBL lessons in order to explicitly teach expected behaviours to our students.

The JFHS rewards system has been designed by the school PBL team in conjunction with the SRC to consistently encourage positive behaviour at the school. The rewards system works separate to the levels system.

Our rewards system works on three levels: in the classroom, in the playground, and while participating in school sport. When students display the school values they have an opportunity to receive a PBL ticket. Once students collect 5 tickets they are then awarded a School Culture Merit Award. These merits go towards students achieving their Bronze, Silver and Gold end of semester awards. 

In addition to achieving merit awards, students have the opportunity to receive weekly canteen and laser tag vouchers. Whole school rewards each term include activities such as barbeques.

If you have any particular queries please contact the JFHS coaches Corey Bubb.


Final Revised Mission Statement

Our James Fallon High School learning community aims to provide:

  • A safe and caring environment inclusive of diversity, disadvantage or disability where all students achieve their personal best
  • Opportunities for our students to become valued and responsible citizens who respect themselves and the community, and who can adapt to the challenges of a changing world.