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Preliminary Course

A copy of the Preliminary Course Assessment Booklet with rules relating to assessment and assessment schedules for each subject can be downloaded as a pdf file. You can also open a PowerPoint presentation on assessment policies and procedures:
Download Preliminary Course Assessment Booklet
Download Preliminary Course Assessment Schedule
Download PowerPoint presentation
Download My Preliminary Schedule Planner

Information for Year 10 students about Preliminary and HSC Courses can be downloaded as a pdf file:
Download Preliminary and HSC Information Booklet

HSC Course

Copies of the HSC Course Assessment Booklet and HSC Course Assessment Schedules with rules relating to assessment and assessment schedules for each subject can be downloaded as a pdf file:
Download HSC Course Assessment Booklet
Download HSC Assessment Schedule
Download Advice for HSC Students, a PowerPoint presentation for students and parents with advice on preparing for HSC exams.
Download Fail Safe Session 1, a PowerPoint presentation with some good study tips.

A copy of the booklet that contains useful advice for parents of senior students at JFHS can be downloaded as a pdf file:
Download Year 11 and the HSC

A copy of the booklet that describes HSC requirements can be downloaded as a pdf file:
Download HSC Requirements


To meet the requirements of the Preliminary course, all students must undertake the MANDATORY Crossroads Program to be eligible to continue on to the HSC course. The Crossroads program is a 25 hour course designed to assist students in facing a variety of issues such as alcohol/drug use, resilience, motivation, relationships and stress management. This course will be delivered by JFHS through a compulsory Year 11 camp to be held a Lake Hume Resort on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the last week of Term 3. It will involve a number of seminars provided by outside agencies such as the NSW Police and Health professionals, and other interactive activities.

Please be advised that students work commitments will not be accepted as a reason not to attend the camp. The camp outline is included in the information package to allow families to plan effectively for this important requirement.  The approximate cost of the camp is $175. ( This does not include food, as students will  be responsible for supplying and preparing their own meals). The camp cost will be invoiced with your school fees, but be aware this cost is subject to change depending on the nature of our guest speakers. We will give you notice as soon as possible of any changes.

If you foresee any difficulties with payment, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Teacher of PDHPE at the school.  Further details will be made available as we draw closer to the set date. At this stage, all that is required is the dates given to be kept clear so as to avoid any difficulties in the future.



Senior School Success

Get lots of study tips by clicking on the link: Senior School Success

Establish a routine – Now’s the time to set aside a particular time each day for study and revision and stick to it. More study tips at

Preparing for the HSC

Preparing for the HSC can be a challenging time for students and parents. Both DET and CSU have lots of helpful information and tips for both students and parents. Click on the following links:
DET’s Ten Study Tips
Balancing Commitments
Managing Stress and Exams
Setting Priorities & Time Management 

This website is a wonderful resource for regional HSC students.