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The following link contains information regarding Year 7 Orientation Days.

Orientation Day Information

Additional Transition Information

 The process of making the transition from primary to high school is one that is taken most seriously at James Fallon High School. Gone are the days when students might have done a tour through their local high school, then walked in the next year and be seated into classes. It has been proven by extensive research that a successful transition program is of enormous benefit to students, which has flow on effects for their entire school career.

James Fallon High School (JFHS) is significantly advantaged by being part of a strong and positive learning community – the Northern Spirit Learning Community. Comprising of James Fallon and partner schools Albury North Public School (PS), Gerogery PS, Glenroy PS, Hume PS, Mullengandra PS, Table Top PS and Thurgoona PS, this group works together extensively to provide maximum opportunities for all of its 1700 students.

Transition activities for our students commence formally in Year 4, with many other informal activities in the mix:

  • All Year 4 students from our partner schools have a tour in Semester 1.
  • Year 5 and 6 students have Northern Spirit days once a term, where students from each school mix together and visit JFHS to try various high school activities.
  • Year 6 Interest Activities days occur this term, and Orientation days follow later in the year.
  • Students who enrol and do not attend our partner schools are well catered for in various Orientation activities, based on their individual needs.
  • Our students who have special learning needs are also provided with extra opportunities to visit and liaise with.

By the time our students enter the school gates with their families in Year 7, they are extremely well prepared for the next natural stage in their school lives. They are well supported by their Year Adviser, who has a timetabled period with them each fortnight, and there are many “getting to know you” activities, including Term 1 aquatics for sport.

The strength of these programs is enhanced by the strong parent partnerships we have in our school. Families are such an important part of the process of school education in any year. Ignore the so-called high school “cool factor” and remain involved in the school lives of your children. If there are any concerns or questions at any time, families are welcome to contact the school. Furthermore, the friendships that families form with each other become a lasting feature of JFHS, and are a very positive part of our school community.


The orientation day program includes:

– free BBQ lunch hosted by our SRC

– activities designed to help Year 6 students better understand our school, such as :

– finding key locations around JFHS

– understanding processes at JFHS (all the “what do I do if…” questions)

– learning to read a timetable    

– meeting new friends from other schools

An Download PDF Application Form  can be downloaded here.

We are proud members of the Northern Spirit Learning Community. 

These resources can help with the transition to high school:

Fact sheets: