The James Fallon High School Welfare Program aims to provide students and staff with a pleasant, caring and secure environment which encourages positive attitudes to working and learning.

Our Student Welfare Program provides opportunities for students to have their efforts and achievements acknowledge and rewarded. An important part of the Welfare Program also develops self discipline through:

  • Encouraging students to behave in appropriate ways
  • Disciplining students who do not meet their responsibilities.

The Welfare Program has a system of levels which allows students to :

  • Be acknowledged for personal success and positive achievements in the school community
  • Recognise the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and learn the importance of self discipline.


An important element of the Student Welfare program at James Fallon High School is the Guidance lesson during which Student Advisers in years 7 – 10 meet with each class in the year, once each two weeks. This lesson provides an excellent opportunity for pastoral care as well as organisational concerns.


Welfare and Discipline

Students who are choosing to ignore the rights of others or neglect their responsibilities are placed on Levels 6 – 10. 
A student is placed on a level  for five school days of student attendance. During this time the student discusses appropriate changes to his/her own behaviour with the Year Adviser or other welfare personnel, and may be required to complete certain self-discipline activities.
If placed on a level from 6 – 10 a student can return to a positive level by:

  • Behaving in a responsible and acceptable manner
  • Acting on the advice of the Year Advisers, Principal, Deputy Principal, Counsellor and other staff members
  • Completing the self-reflection tasks required at the placement level.

Students on levels 6 – 10 at the end of each year return to level 5 at the start of the next year. They are given a fresh start and an opportunity to improve.



JFHS Awards System

Students are recognised for demonstrating the values and expectations of our school ‘Respect, Responsibility and 
Achievement’. Students can achieve Merit Awards in four different areas:

  • Faculty Merit Awards
  • School Service Merit Awards
  • School Representation Merit Awards
  • School Culture Merit Awards

These merits are awarded throughout the year to students by teachers. Students are to take these to their Year Advisor. At the end of the year the accumulation of these awards will result in a Bronze Certificate , Silver Certificate or a Gold Certificate.  To achieve a Gold Certificate in years 9 or 10, students must have received a Merit Award in 3 out of 4 categories. These certificates will be presented at the Semester 2 Formal Assembly.

Each certificate earns points; Bronze (1 point), Silver (2 points) and Gold (3 points). The accumulation of points is recognised with a Principals Award (10 points) or a James Fallon High School Award (13 points). These two prestigious awards will be presented to students at a special ceremony in Term 1 of each year. Parents/Carers and special guests are welcomed.

The Distinguished Student Award will be presented to ONE Year 12 student each year at the Annual Presentation Night.

Anti-Racism Policy

At JFHS we take the act of racism very seriously and strictly follow the Department of Education Anti-Racism Policy. 

The Department rejects all forms of racism. It is committed to the elimination of racial discrimination in all aspects of the learning and working environment. All teaching and non-teaching staff contribute to the eradication of racism by promoting acceptance of Australia’s cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, challenging prejudiced attitudes and ensuring that sanctions are applied against racist and discriminatory behaviours.

Schools have trained Anti-Racism Contact Officers (ARCOs) and provide timely and professional responses to complaints regarding racism. We have two ARCOs in the school to assist with racism issues that may arise: Ms Kellie Sedunary and Mrs Katie Stein.

Anti-Bullying Plan

James Fallon High School exists in a society where intimidation, harrassment and victimisation all occur. Bullying must be taken very seriously and is not acceptable in any form. Students have the right to expect that they will spend the school day free from fear of bullying, harassment, intimidation and victimisation.

Teachers, students, parents, caregivers and members of the wider JFHS community have a responsibility to work together to address bullying effectively.

Students who attend JFHS have the opportunity to participate in quality education that will help them to become self directed, lifelong learners who can create a positive future for themselves and the wider community. Any inappropriate behaviour that gets in the way of teaching and learning at the school and interferes with the wellbeing of students cannot be accepted. 

Students, teachers, parents, caregivers, and members of the wider school community can expect:

  • that students will be safe at school, free from fear of bullying, harassment, intimidation and victimisation
  • that all students will be provided with appropriate support when bullying occurs.

We all have the responsibility to support the Anti-bullying Plan through words and actions and actively work together to resolve incidents of bullying behaviour when they occur.